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Web trends in Europe, Internet over TV in june 2010

Here is a study about web trends in Europe, published by Microsoft.

It seems that Internet is going to overtake traditionnal TV in june 2010. Jeffrey Cole explains : ““Broadband has changed everything.  And it’s not speed of access that has made the biggest impact, its having a direct connection that is always on […]”

50% of all Europeans are now connected to the internet but that there’s a clear north/south divide showing the Nordic countries with an internet penetration rate of 76% versus 45% in Southern Europe.


What Are UK Women Doing Online?

According to IPC Media, 74% of female Internet users in the UK went online every day last year.

Women seem to more go online on weekdays but they spend more time online on weekends, an average of 20 more minutes a session.

Shopping was the most popular online activity. Nearly all the women (97%) said they researched products online, and 92% said they bought products online.

Social Networking are also very popular, especially Facebook in 2008. (Regularly visit on the website were from 14% in 2007 to 48% in 2008)

France: 15 million households are connected to the Internet

Mediametrie has published its last study from audience on websites in frebruary 2009.

Over 28 million french people are connected to the Internet, it actually represents 15 million households in France.
93.6% of them are using high-speed internet access which means 26.4 million internet users.

From february 2008 to february 2009, it climbs to 8%. In france, one out of two people is connected to the internet. It represents a total of 57.8% people.

French people are more and more using Internet

It’s a fact, according to “Media in Life” From Mediametrie.

Web is used by 4 out of 10 French in 2008 in a day (43,8%) whereas they were 1 out of 4 in 2005. (Including listening to radio and watching online video)

French people are more and more using Internet

According to Nielsen Online French people are more using Internet than other Europeans. They are actually more online every day.

The digital media universe in France grew 15% between january and november 2008, from 34.85 million to 40.13 million people. Moreover 29% of them are online more than 16hours a week. In addition, 58% are now buying online.

In the mean time, Online buyers in Europe are held by Germany where 73% of people using internet are buying online.

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