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France: 15 million households are connected to the Internet

Mediametrie has published its last study from audience on websites in frebruary 2009.

Over 28 million french people are connected to the Internet, it actually represents 15 million households in France.
93.6% of them are using high-speed internet access which means 26.4 million internet users.

From february 2008 to february 2009, it climbs to 8%. In france, one out of two people is connected to the internet. It represents a total of 57.8% people.


Online advertising in France: a 2 billion Euros market

The last study from Capgemini Consulting on the e-advertising in France has shown that the market has reach a net income at 2 billion Euros in 2008. Which is actually growing 23% compared to last year.

In 2008, all markets based on online communication grown:

– The Search (sponsored links) made a 800 million Euros turnover (+35%)
– The Display (graphic ads) realised a 510 million Euros turnover (+10%)
– The Internet directories represent a 420 million Euros directory (+ 25%)
– Affiliate marketing made a 140 million Euros turnover (+30%)
– Price comparison: 90 millions Euros (+15%)
– E-Mailing: 130 millions Euros (+10%)

In 2009 investments on online advertising should grow 14%.

French people are more and more using Internet

According to Nielsen Online French people are more using Internet than other Europeans. They are actually more online every day.

The digital media universe in France grew 15% between january and november 2008, from 34.85 million to 40.13 million people. Moreover 29% of them are online more than 16hours a week. In addition, 58% are now buying online.

In the mean time, Online buyers in Europe are held by Germany where 73% of people using internet are buying online.

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