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European shoppers spend more time online

European shoppers have been spending more time online since the beginning of the recession, according to new research by eBay advertising.

Compared to six months ago, 30% of European shoppers admit to shopping ‘a lot more’ online.
The first to “more shop” in Europe are UK with 33% of shoppers shop a lot more online compared to 26% in France and 30% in Germany.

In Germany 73% of shoppers spend time researching an item online before they buy it, while 69% in the UK do the same as and 66% do in France.

Respondents also revealed that when they are in the e-buying mindset, 60% are most receptive to advertising on ecommerce sites. In contrast, just 9% of European online shoppers pay attention to an ad when they’re on a social network. And only 8% are prompted to buy a product or service by video advertising.


Alibaba and Taobao are coming to US and Europe

Alibaba, the famous chinese group specialized in global trading and its C2C Taobao are finally coming to US and Europe. The group is still negociating with many companies to bring their auctions into new countries but it seems that their arrival is gonna change a lot of things.

Especially for eBay, the american auction leader who is facing some troubles since 2008. Alibaba and it’s 23 million visitors in 2008 (65% were from China) is quite similar to eBay involving auctions too.

For now, Jack Ma and many senior Alibaba executives are in the US right now talking to big companies such as Yahoo, Miscrosoft, Amazon, eBay and Google to see who has the best deal on the table in regards to Taobao and Alipay (

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