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Internet users quickly abandon their shopping cart

According to a Paypal study, 45% of Internet users abandon their shopping cart before the final click to submit their orders.

This is actually due to fees and shipping costs which are not always announced on the websites.


Reviews, most useful feature of an e-commerce site

Consumers use to read reviews before buying any product or service. According to a survey (Avail Intelligence) when it comes to making a purchase over a third of respondents (36%) rated recommendations and reviews as the most useful feature of an e-commerce site.

“Despite the credit crunch, UK consumers appear more concerned with the experiences and suggestions of other web-based shoppers than finding the best deal online,” said Pontus Kristiansson, CEO and founder at Avail Intelligence.

For American, it’s quite similar. Recent research from Opinion Research Corporation found that 84% of consumers said browsing reviews influenced their decision on whether or not to purchase a product or service.

Social media is good for brands !

Online shopping is defintely about getting social.

According to Andy Lloyd, CEO of Fluid, a San Francisco-based interactive agency, shopping online is still a solo endeavor, devoid of the interaction many consumers seek. Without that interaction and purchase validation, shoppers, plagued by indecision, often abandon retailers’ sites.

In the coming weeks, two technologies – friend-based merchandising that involves Facebook and collaborative shopping  – are being rolled out to big-name retailers. This does includes and

More infos here.

German Online Sales Rose Last Year

Even with the economic crises, German online sales rose in 2008. Internet users spent €13.6 billion last year which means 19% more than in 2007.

There are two mains factors: further expansion in the number of online shoppers and buyers. (29.5 million people in Germany last year) and an average expenditure per purchase rose 7% to about €49.

E-Commerce in Europe

A recent study about E-commerce shows that North Europe has more online buyers. Between 2004 and 2008, online buyers have grown from 22 % to 34%.

The gap is very important between for example UK who had 57% of online buyers, Danemark (59%), France (40%) but Romania and bulgaria had only 4 and 3% of online buyers in 2008 !

Moreover, Tourism and clothes are in the top list of what European have bought in 2008.

France’s Cdiscount to launch in UK

Cdiscount, part of the Casino Group, a €5 billion retailing giant, which is very populair in France, sells electrical goods, clothes, homeware and wine, and will be launched in UK next month. Also CDiscount website runs new “flash” promotions each day and offers aggressive payment deals under which shoppers can pay in instalments without any credit checks.

The website is to compete with Amazon and Tesco to attract recession-hit consumers.

ComScore ranks CDiscount France as the country’s eighth-biggest online retailer by unique visitors, just one ranking away from Amazon’s French site.

Why does registration on an e-commerce website isn’t great ?

The Econsultancy blog explains us why the idea of asking the user to register on a website in order to purchase an object is not a good idea. Indeed, a lot of websites ask their users to be registered before buying anything but that seems to annoy some of them who doesn’t keep their cart.

Econsultancy then compare the 10 biggest e-commerce websites in UK. 7 out of 10 ask their users to be register before buying anything.

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