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Growth in social network advertising spending worldwide

Worldwide social network spending is expected to shoot up again next year, rising an estimated 18% to $2.6 billion. 2011 will see an additional 12% increase, to $2.9 billion.


Social media today

Here is a nice video to get what social media is.

New figures on Twitter

Sysomos has just released a new study about Twitter.

Social media is good for brands !

Online shopping is defintely about getting social.

According to Andy Lloyd, CEO of Fluid, a San Francisco-based interactive agency, shopping online is still a solo endeavor, devoid of the interaction many consumers seek. Without that interaction and purchase validation, shoppers, plagued by indecision, often abandon retailers’ sites.

In the coming weeks, two technologies – friend-based merchandising that involves Facebook and collaborative shopping  – are being rolled out to big-name retailers. This does includes and

More infos here.

What Are UK Women Doing Online?

According to IPC Media, 74% of female Internet users in the UK went online every day last year.

Women seem to more go online on weekdays but they spend more time online on weekends, an average of 20 more minutes a session.

Shopping was the most popular online activity. Nearly all the women (97%) said they researched products online, and 92% said they bought products online.

Social Networking are also very popular, especially Facebook in 2008. (Regularly visit on the website were from 14% in 2007 to 48% in 2008)

French people and Internet, top 10 site categories

ComScore has just released a study about the Top 10 site categories in France, it seems that total French Internet Audience Grows 19 Percent vs. Previous Year to 35 Million Users in February 2009 . In February, more than 35 million people age 15 or older in France accessed the Internet from a home or work computer.

Internet users in France spent a combined total of 932 million hours online in February, an average of 27 hours per person. Instant messaging claimed the highest share of total time spent at 14.3 percent, followed by social networking at 5.7 percent.

Online media also proved popular, with the entertainment category accounting for 8.6 percent of time spent and online gaming 2.9 percent share of total time spent online in February.

Top 10 Site Categories in France
Based on % Share of Total Time Spent Online
Total French Internet Audience, Age 15+ – Home & Work Locations*
February 2009

Source: comScore World Metrix


% Share of Total time Spent Online

Total Internet : Total Audience


Instant Messengers






Social Networking




Online Gaming










All Other Categories


*Excludes Internet activity from public computers such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones or PDAs.

why do marketers use Facebook ?

According to a study from eMarketer, users on Facebook are now 175 million. And the users themselves contribute millions of pieces of content daily.

Each day during February 2009, Facebook users averaged over 3 billion minutes on the site. They updated their status 15 million times and became “fans” of a particular company, brand, product or person 3.5 million times daily.

Facebook is also used by marketers to increase brands or companie’s popularity.
Tns Media Intelligence has surveyed them to know their objectives.
Most said brand-building initiatives such as gaining consumer insights, building brand awareness and increasing customer loyalty but none said increasing intent to purchase.

Indeed IDC found that 43% of social network users never clicked on ads.

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