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According to the Adex Report from TNS Media Intelligence, the total investment represent 346 million euros. A slight increase of 1.6% compared to May 2008.

Paid search is a good solution

Paid search marketing is performing well in spite of the economic recession. Shoppers are trimming their spending and looking for specific items as opposed to browsing, and using search engines to get to e-retailers’ specially designed landing pages puts them right where they want to be.

In this month’s Internet Retailer survey, 41% of web-only retailers, retail chains, catalogers and consumer brand manufacturers say during the last six months of the recession, paid search advertising has performed better than other forms of marketing. 37.6% say it has performed the same; only 21.4% say paid search was performing worse.

E-Marketing in Europe

A recent study from WebTrends shows that budget from companies is more important for e-marketing in 2008 than in 2006.

In 2006, WebTrends had stated that most of the companies in UK, France and Germany spent less than 10% of their budget for e-marketing. At the end of 2008 it’s about 17%  including 22% in UK and 20% in Australia.

The emailing is used at 50%, online Ads (40%), web analytics (39%) and referencing inside search engines (38%).

Online ads in UK, which ones get attention?

The UK Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB UK), based on polling data from Lightspeed Research has just released a study about UK internet users and online ads. How the content of digital advertisements affects viewer interest ?

It seems that UK users pay attention to online ads when it’s relevant. Forty-three percent said when the ads were useful, and 33% said money-off offers got their attention.

Certain ad formats seem to work better than others. Sponsored links at first, followed by advertising within a page and email advertising.

“The research has found that even though not all consumers click on ads, they are now fully acquainted with most forms of advertising online,” said Sorcha Proctor of the IAB UK.

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