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UK online advertising spending


Mobile in Europe

According to a study, Spain seems to be the more expensive country concerning mobile plans. (45.38 euros per month) For example in France it’s 29.84 euros.

Online advertising in France

According to the Adex Report from TNS Media Intelligence, the total investment represent 346 million euros. A slight increase of 1.6% compared to May 2008.

Reviews, most useful feature of an e-commerce site

Consumers use to read reviews before buying any product or service. According to a survey (Avail Intelligence) when it comes to making a purchase over a third of respondents (36%) rated recommendations and reviews as the most useful feature of an e-commerce site.

“Despite the credit crunch, UK consumers appear more concerned with the experiences and suggestions of other web-based shoppers than finding the best deal online,” said Pontus Kristiansson, CEO and founder at Avail Intelligence.

For American, it’s quite similar. Recent research from Opinion Research Corporation found that 84% of consumers said browsing reviews influenced their decision on whether or not to purchase a product or service.

French Online Advertising in France

According to the monthly “Adex Report” from TNS Media Intelligence, French advertisers spent €258 million (gross) on the Web in February this year, 0.9% more than in February 2008.

In February 2009, online display ads attracted 16.2% of all ad spending in France—up 1.7 percentage points since February 2008.

Television and press between them took almost 61% of advertisers’ budgets, but online display placed a strong third.

Web trends in Europe, Internet over TV in june 2010

Here is a study about web trends in Europe, published by Microsoft.

It seems that Internet is going to overtake traditionnal TV in june 2010. Jeffrey Cole explains : ““Broadband has changed everything.  And it’s not speed of access that has made the biggest impact, its having a direct connection that is always on […]”

50% of all Europeans are now connected to the internet but that there’s a clear north/south divide showing the Nordic countries with an internet penetration rate of 76% versus 45% in Southern Europe.

German Online Sales Rose Last Year

Even with the economic crises, German online sales rose in 2008. Internet users spent €13.6 billion last year which means 19% more than in 2007.

There are two mains factors: further expansion in the number of online shoppers and buyers. (29.5 million people in Germany last year) and an average expenditure per purchase rose 7% to about €49.

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